Impact of accordion education in Belgium and the Netherlands

Re: Impact of accordion education in Belgium and the Netherl

Postby Stephen » Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:09 pm

Yeah, lots of good diatonic accordion players in France and Belgium. To name a few great talents, Pablo Golder, Sophie Cavez, Wim Claeys, Hartwin Dhoore and many more. They mix diato style with jazzy chords. And all this in my local pubs every x week...

Should get out more!
Should get out more!
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Re: Impact of accordion education in Belgium and the Netherl

Postby AccordionUprising » Fri Jan 27, 2017 6:58 pm

It's worth pondering when people do things unintended within the constraints of the original instruments. All the best Tex-Mex players are going beyond their instrument. Only a few have jumped to CBA, Oscar Hernandez most famously. There's vid of him on CBA duelling with Joel Guzman on 3-row diatonic. Not a fair fight. I saw Guzman demonstrating chromatic runs on a 3-row box, "We didn't know you weren't supposed to be able to do it, so we did." Maybe the difficulty becomes part of the art?

(Not a great quality video)
Joel Guzman and Oskar Hernandez performing Cuatro Milpas at the Narciso Martinez Conjunto Festival in September of 2004

Seems like a lot of virtuosic diatonic playing is based on getting beyond the diatonic's limitations.
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