3rd video in the series

3rd video in the series

Postby EMan » Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:46 pm

Here is my new video. "Czardas" by Vittorio Monti, a Hungarian piece composed in 1904. Originally written for the violin, piano and mandolin.
Many of our contemporaries in the accordion world have performed this song and done it justice. I hope you like my rendition of it and that I do it equal justice.
As always comments are appreciated both on our forum and on You Tube. Thumbs up, if you like the rendition.

Thanks for listening.



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Re: 3rd video in the series

Postby Glenn » Sun Mar 12, 2017 10:26 pm

Excellent Ed. Really nice rendition. Sounds to me that it is a piece you really enjoy.

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Re: 3rd video in the series

Postby Corsaire » Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:38 am

Huge thumbs up from me, Ed - love the music and your rendition of it is wonderful, such fluidity (if this is the right word ?). As Glenn says, it sounds as if you enjoy playing it.

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Re: 3rd video in the series

Postby Teriodin » Mon Mar 13, 2017 11:10 am

I am still amazed by how easy you make these pieces look. Great rendition.

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