Guerrini Polka King Special 630 Musette

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Guerrini Polka King Special 630 Musette

Post by borderscot58 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 12:12 am

This model has hand made reeds and uses very stable seasoned dark hardwoods in the interior,meaning it will not shift over the years like some cheaper models using light softwoods.Hand made reeds are more responsive and give a noticeably better tone.It has 4 reeds to the treble side and five to the bass,one set of which is a Helicon(deeper more resonant,also quicker response),this is rare to find, and is sought out for Polka.It has a very quick action on both keys and buttons for virtuoso playing.
The master is LMMM. This has a very wet musette making it particularly good for Scottish and Continental folk music.It does not have a palm master,like some,but they can be accidentally switched when playing,so many prefer not to have one.
The Special refers to the decoration in Swarovski crystals.
The Polka King name was used on many models over the years and came with 7,9 and 11 couplers(9+2 repeat masters)
It would be difficult to find one of these in better condition, the only giveaway is a little verdigris on the bellows straps button.If you want you could replace these for £20.
I have searched around the internet for similar ones and they all have 7 or 9 couplers, as i said this has 11, which is basically 9 unique sounds plus two repeat masters(one middle, one either end)
To buy a new Italian instrument with Handmade reeds and hardwood construction would be at least £6000.
The accordion is in an ivory pearl finish,decorated with Swarovski crystals and comes with good leather straps, and a case.
Professionally checked by my accordion repairer and in tune,no hidden repairs,no need for a service.Bellows and compression as good as new.See Gumtree for more pics etc
£1695 plus post if needed.
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Re: Guerrini Polka King Special 630 Musette

Post by JackieC » Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:37 pm

That’s a beautiful Accordion, and a good one, too! I had a Guerrini Oxford IV that I played professionally for several years. I had to trade it in for a lighter weight accordion because of shoulder problems.
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