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First video test, lots of small surprises

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Should get out more!
Should get out more!
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Re: First video test, lots of small surprises

Post by JerryPH » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:21 am

losthobos wrote:Really impressive differences....way to go...
Now i'm puzzling how did you sync the digital recording with the movie...
Any help as always gratefully received...
Well most better video apps have ways today to do it manually, where you can tell the app which track is the main audio track, and the others sync to it with a click of a button ot find a visual clue in the file and move a track back and forth. I use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 20 and that part is quite easy. For this video however, I did it manually because I was fading from one audio track to the other. Basically, I started all recording devices and just played. The first note was my marker. If you are recording acoustically, it is a good idea to insert 2-3 hand claps, this puts in 2-3 peaks in the track and serves as the markers to sync to and then in video editing, just sync and then cut out that small portion of the clip.

The way that Ed does it is even easier, he uses his accordion mics to go to his amp and from the amp's signal out, straight to the video camcorder... brilliant idea! Since he is a single instrument, this is a great way to get the sound directly on the video file's audio track and there is nothing to sync.

Mine is a more complex way because the output of the accordion and rhythm unit are in stereo and in my recording, I will be adding additional tracks with digital and acoustic instruments in to the clip possibly in the audio track or both audio and video sections to make the video more interesting.

It can start out being all easy, but can quickly get all quite complex if you want it too.

Thats everyone for the thoughts and kind words, it helps to know if I am on the right path or not. :)
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