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19th century Vienna drinking song

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:09 pm
by Stephen
If anyone knows the sheet music of this tune:" onclick=";return false;
Ja wir san halt Lichtentaler.mpg" onclick=";return false;
Ja mir san halt Lichtentaler

I discovered this tune on a cd with Viennese drinking songs. The track is called "Aber g'rebelt muss er sein".
This appears to be an old march, "Lichtenthaler Marsch" composed by Alois Strohmayer (1822-1890), and later on converted into a drinking song, still popular today in Vienna and Austria." onclick=";return false;

It seems Alois' father played music together with the composer Franz Schubert. ... amilie.xml" onclick=";return false;
"Sohn des Privatlehrers Martin St., der noch gemeinsam mit Fr. Schubert in der Lichtentaler Kirche musiziert hatte"

Re: 19th century Vienna drinking song

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:58 pm
by Stephen
And just when I was going to close my internet session... I found the sheet music in pdf...

It's an arrangment by Willy Jelinek, and the sheet music is in public domain, here it is: ... 9F+er+sein" onclick=";return false;

I found this website five minutes ago, seems to be a digital dbase of old songs sheet music.
I'll have a look later this week, maybe some more treasures can be found here.

Happy to have found the sheet music already. Now I can learn the tune to play for an evening of songs I have to go to with my accordion. I wanted to play the tune and show it to some friends.