Lady Lyle/ Liz Caroll's

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Should get out more!
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Lady Lyle/ Liz Caroll's

Post by Stephen » Mon Jul 14, 2014 2:08 pm

One of the tracks (10 or 11) of my cd Celtish music for accordion, a catchy tune, is called "Lady Lyle / Liz Caroll's" by Paddy O'Brien.
I found the basic version of the trad tune "Lady Lyle" online and in a Scottish tune book, a strathspey.

On the cd the player is adding some variations and speeding up the tempo, but it's too fast for me to find all the notes and notate the tune in detail.
I didn't found the tune "Liz Caroll's".
Anyone who knows this version of these tunes?
Or where to find the sheet music of this cd version by Paddy O'Brien?

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