Serbian and Bosnian Kolo tutorials for PA

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Should get out more!
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Serbian and Bosnian Kolo tutorials for PA

Post by maugein96 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:57 pm

One or two members have expressed an interest in Balkan music (honest!), and it was all sort of getting lost in another thread.

Anybody who has listened to it will no doubt have realised it can go at a pretty quick pace, so for any of you PA types who fancy having a go at it, here is a tutorial for first of all the Serbian tune, Gocino Kolo, then the Bosnian tune, Nedzadovo Kolo.

For those who weren't aware, Serbia and Bosnia were both part of the former Yugoslavia.

I've lifted the first link from another thread to make it easier for members to find it.

Incidentally, the accordion makes Guerrini, Dallape, and Sonola, found in Balkan music are all synonymous.

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