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Bk-7m, why is it so dated?

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Bk-7m, why is it so dated?

Post by Keymn » Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:57 am

I believe it was 2011 when this unit was first introduced? Finally, I found a used one and started programming it. Used it on a couple gigs with my my FR4x. I then pulled it from my gigs and went back to my PA3x Korg arranger. It just seems the technology in 2011 would have produced better quality styles on the BK-7m...
Do not get me wrong, I still am going to bring back the BK to my gigs (because of portability), but will need more time on tweaking the styles. The Polka styles especially are very limited in variations. I am not in the market to purchase third party programmed styles as of yet. Want to learn more detail in what this unit can do. Maybe, just touched the surface? I must say, the UP1 and UP2 orchestration sounds are very nice. But do not use them, since the FR4x sounds are sufficient. Maybe in the future layer them?
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