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Reine de Musette (Very rough) trial

Your recordings, audio or video - let's have a listen!
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Should get out more!
Should get out more!
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Re: Reine de Musette (Very rough) trial

Post by Glenn » Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:47 am

Indeed you've really got the atmosphere and you have nailed those piston like triples. Perhaps a bit more practice time on the trio part that fizzled out at the end may come in handy. It's a classic of the musette style and I think your interpretation males clear why it is so addictive to listen to. By the way, if you hunt around there are plenty of sheet music versions that give alternative bass runs that can make the harmonies even richer.
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Re: Reine de Musette (Very rough) trial

Post by hais1273 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 8:15 am

It's ages since we've had a kitten or two and yes a bit a distracting when they go leg mountaineering. (Best beloved was slightly disappointed there wasn't a photo of the miscreants)! In light of your hand injury, I'd say your playing was pretty good!!

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Re: Reine de Musette (Very rough) trial

Post by maugein96 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:37 am

Thanks Glenn,

It actually all started out as an experiment. I had tried before but my previous laptop mic wasn't up to it. I just sat and played a lot of mumbo-jumbo on various boxes, and ended up with about 7 or 8 mp4 files of bits and pieces of tunes. I discovered Reine de Musette was the only one that I nearly managed right through, and decided to post it, to see if I could work out how to use Soundcloud. There was no way I was putting it on You Tube, as I'm nowhere near ready for that yet.

I was relatively pleased that I managed to get it on Soundcloud, although it really demonstrated how poor my playing has become in recent years. 20 years ago I'd have made a far better job of the tune, although I suppose I should be glad I'm still able to play. French musette music often looks ridiculously easy on paper, and that's all I'm saying about it. At least members have heard that I'm no whizz kid these days and hopefully it may encourage others to put their tunes on.

I mentioned it in another post, but members may be interested to know that if you post an mp4 file to Soundcloud it will automatically change it to an mp3.

Thanks for the kind words, and I'll keep working on it. The playing is one thing, but I reckon it's the nerves I'll need to work on if I'm going to get more posts on.

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