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Manouche with gulyás or fish and chips

Music you like and want to share - post the links here.
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Should get out more!
Should get out more!
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Manouche with gulyás or fish and chips

Post by maugein96 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 11:27 pm

In another thread the matter of manouche style jazz came up, and its association with Paris.

If you can't hear it in Paris, try Budapest, London, or probably any other major European city, as your local manouche band is ready and waiting to transport you to the romantic Seine, the Danube, or even the more romantic Thames. The truth is that the genre is popular enough, throughout Europe at least, to generate various bands who are dedicated to the music.

No they aren't French, have probably never played in Paris, and the music isn't "genuine", but they just get on with playing it.

I realise that the forum is well served by the members "Swing of France", and they are top notch performers. These clips are in no way an attempt to undermine their popularity, and I've only posted them to illustrate that the manouche "revival" style is also popular outside of France.

Hot Club of Hungary:-

Jonny Hepbir Quintet (England):-

I dare say there may well be better (or worse) manouche bands than these, all over the globe, but IMHO they do their own job of recreating that old sound. The Hungarian banjo player does a credible job of singing in English, considering his speech impediment. Main thing is they enjoy what they do.

Finally, if you're ever in Bucharest you might hear this guy, Soren Rosen, a local Rabbi, bringing out the gypsy in him:-

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